Mart Dictionary

Multi-Language Dictionary that offers Oxford, Merriam Webster, Britannica Concise

To add other dictionaries into Mart Dictionary Software (MDS), first download the selected dictionary from, and double click on downloaded file, it will automatically install it on MDS. But, first MDS has to be installed on your computer. Since MDS has built on quick search system, it brings the results from more than 40 sources of dictionaries at the same time.  Besides, it doesn’t overload on your machine.
Another advantage of MDS is it has additional word memorizing window that randomly slide-show words from selected dictionary on right-bottom of your screen. When you press on “speech” button, it ables you hear the pronunciation of a word in English.

Mart dictionary is a simple and intuitive tool operated by a single click. Just click on any text written in Word, Excel, Power-Point, emails, web pages, instant messages or any other desktop application. A small window will instantly appear containing the translation results, as well as any information or conversion that you require.

You can also easily copy / paste to and from Mart. Actually, once installed in your computer, Mart will become a powerful and innovative reference tool of easy use that will allow you immediate offline access to dictionaries and encyclopedias covering all topics and themes.

Text Translation – Immediate online text translations in 41 languages. Despite the fact, that no machine translation is 100% accurate or delivers results equal to human translation, this great new feature, based on the most advanced text translation technology, helps you understand texts in languages you are less familiar with.

Mart’s text translation is available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Polish and Ukrainian and more.

Mart offers its users a wide range of titles from the world’s premier publishing houses: Britannica, Oxford, Merriam Webster and many more.

Mart’s translation and dictionary software offers results from a database of 50 sources in more than 17 languages.



Dictionaries Download Size
Mart_Arabic_English Download 1.1 Mb
Mart_Chinese_S_English Download 1.3 Mb
Mart_Dutch_English Download 1.2 Mb
Mart_English_Arabic Download 1 Mb
Mart_English_Chinese_S_ Download 1.4 Mb
Mart_English_Chinese_T_ Download 1.2 Mb
Mart_English_Dutch Download 3 Mb
Mart_English_English Download 4.6 Mb
Mart_English_Greek Download 1 Mb
Mart_English_French Download 3.7 Mb
Mart_English_German Download 3.5 Mb
Mart_English_Korean Download 1.4 Mb
Mart_English_Italian Download 3.1 Mb
Mart_English_Japanese Download 3.5 Mb
Mart_English_Polish Download 316 Kb
Mart_English_Mongolian Download 3.6 Mb
Mart_English_Russian Download 2.2 Mb
Mart_English_Portuguese Download 3.3 Mb
Mart_English_Turkish Download 1.5 Mb
Mart_English_Spanish Download 3.2 Mb
Mart_English_Swedish Download 2.1 Mb
Mart_German_English Download 4.6 Mb
Mart_French_English Download 1.8 Mb
Mart_Greek_English Download 834 Kb
Mart_German_Mongolian Download 338 Kb
Mart_Japanese_English Download 5.9 Mb
Mart_Italian_English Download 1.4 Mb
Mart_Korean_Mongolian Download 251 Kb
Mart_Japanese_Mongolian Download 250 Kb
Mart_Korean_English Download 1.5 Mb
Mart_Polish_English Download 1.3 Mb
Mart_Mongolian_English Download 1.8 Mb
Mart_Mongolian_Russian Download 244 Kb
Mart_Russian_Mongolian Download 231 Kb
Mart_Portuguese_English Download 1.2 Mb
Mart_Russian_English Download 1.7 Mb
Mart_Turkish_English Download 1.6 Mb
Mart_Spanish_English Download 1.7 Mb
Mart_Swedish_English Download 250 Kb
Oyuntuya_English_Mongolian Download 848 Kb
Britannica_Concise_Encyclopedi Download 16.1 Mb
Concise_Oxford_English_Diction Download 5.4 Mb
Concise_Oxford_Thesaurus Download 2.6 Mb
Longman_Dictionary_of_Contemprory_English Download 7.2 Mb
Merriam_Webster_Collegiate Download 27.6 Mb
Merriam_Webster_Thesaurus_Collegiate Download 1.9 Mb
New_Oxford_English_Dictionary Download 12.8 Mb
New_Oxford_Thesaurus_Dictionary Download 4.8 Mb
Oxford_advanced_learners v6_English Download 4.7 Mb
Oxford_Talking_Dictionary Download 26.3 Mb
Tsewel_Mongolian_Mongolian Download 1.45 Mb
CommonWords_Englsih_Mongolian Download 272 Kb
Mart_Czech_Slovak Download 560 Kb
Mart_English_Czech Download 353 Kb


All dictionaries with .mrt extension will not work itself, therefore you must download and install Mart Dictionary Software (MDS) first. Afterwards, you may download any dictionaries and double click on them, which automatically install them on MDS.

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